Attention Diagnostic System –
Forming a Personal Attention Profile


The Computerized Progressive Attention
Training Program

Our studies are focusing on two major lines of research: Assessment of attention and executive control and Evaluating the outcome of cognitive training and simple aiding techniques and whether these outcomes transfer to various everyday functioning in children, adolescents and adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and/or learning disability (LD), and/or Autism.





The Attention Lab includes four cubicles in which computerized cognitive assessments are taking place as well as a dedicated room for EEG recordings and/or eye tracking experiments. The lab is equipped with state of the art tools such as EEG and Eye tracking systems which enable to combine cognitive and electrophysiological/physiological measures in order to further investigate the neural substrates of cognitive functioning in participants with and without attention and/or learning deficits.




A range of collaborative studies involving different faculty members from the School of Education and the School of Psychological Sciences are held in the lab. In addition to the various studies which are conducted in the Attention Lab, graduate and undergraduate students are instructed how to use the unique computerized assessment and training tools that were developed in the lab and are practiced in the lab before they use these tools in a variety of field studies that are led by Prof. Shalev-Mevorach in collaboration with psychiatrists, neurologists, experts in learning disabilities, teachers and educational psychologists. In these studies, based on the assessment of attention functioning, tailor-made recommendations are provided to professionals who work with children with attention deficits, and a variety of teaching strategies and techniques aimed at facilitating learning of children in general and of children who are struggling with attention difficulties in particular, are suggested and developed.

Photos by Dor Kedmi